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In spite of the worst global pandemic,

1501 Uptown Gastropub

was established in 2020

and has become a game-changing 

drinking and dining spot of 

Uptown Palm Springs 

1501 Uptown Gastropub occupies the handsome pub designed by famed Architect Chris Pardo. Your hosts Willie Rhine and Chad Gardner bring their combined hospitality and culinary experience to create an incredible culinary dining experience. 

A Cozy vibe radiates beneath 1501's high wood slat ceiling. A wrap-around bar anchors the restaurant center, with sporting events playing on TV (quietly) as patrons share charcuterie boards and giant proverb Bavarian style pretzels over drinks. While other guests celebrate life's special moments on the patio overlooking the majestic mountains of Palm Springs.

A restaurant will rarely be all things to all people but 1501 Uptown gastropub gets exceedingly close, offering a range of seasonal freshly prepared food and a comprehensive drinks selection along with first-class service